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Who Am I?

A mom, coach, & teacher on a mission!

I have a passion and DRIVE to help others! 

A healthy lifestyle starts with a coachable mind.

As your Coach, I will help you to identify your goals, design a plan &/or a program that fits your needs

and walk with you on your journey. 

I don't believe in failure, just feedback.  I believe that every experience in your life includes a lesson. 

It's up to you whether or not you learn the lesson.

I’ve been helping clients improve the way they feel and live a higher quality of life since the year 2000. My 23 years of experience and my holistic approach to health and wellness will have you feeling great as soon as you decide to commit to a healthier YOU.

What are you waiting for? I’m here to help. Contact (call/text) Elaine Bintz today at: 708.845.6201 to schedule your free consultation and let’s start your healthy journey, together.  Everyone needs support.  Reach out today.

As a socially responsible company, Energy and Wellness is committed to the following green practices: using individual towels for clients, using hypoallergenic creams for massage, recycling, and using hypoallergenic cleaning supplies for all of our equipment, including, but not limited to: treadmill, recumbent bike, hand weights, bands, washroom, door handles, etc.  Our body and our earth are our friends.  Let's help each other take care of our body, mind, soul, and our earth.  We have 1 body and 1 planet to live in.  Let's take care of us:)

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