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Fitness Coaching Services

physical form

   Form matters.  

How you move matters.

Elaine can help you to move around pain-free by practicing not only calisthenics and

     strength training moves correctly, we can also          analyze your gait and how you walk &/or run.  

Bosu squat woman.jpeg
    Fitness Testing/

                        Where are you today?
       Let's assess you today.   

         Let's analyze YOUR results and

     create a doable plan that is fun, and helps you

 get the results you WANT!

Woman measuring waist.jpeg
Lifestyle Plans & Maintenance

Discuss your short (0-52 weeks), medium (1-5 years), & long-term (over 5 years) lifestyle plans, and

   how YOU can maintain the lifestyle YOU want!

This service is perfect for any person contemplating (or in transition of) ANY life change, including, but    not limited to: becoming pregnant/starting a family,             growing your family, career change &/or       advancement (not limited to: military and public               servants), retirement, etc.

Senior man hula in park.jpeg
            Exercise                  Programming

                    Take the guesswork out of

          choosing which exercise program to do.

                   It's simple.   

       Let's have a conversation/coaching session.

   Let's brainstorm ideas, establish a plan, and write       YOUR exercise program based on your: interests, skills, ability, and YOUR. REAL. LIFE.

Plan idea action.jpeg
          Individual             Personal Training

  1-on-1 Personal Training sessions are a great place

           to start ANY NEW physical adventure.

     Enjoy the undivided attention

        of Elaine's expertise and precision in action!

  Reduce your risk of injury during and after sessions.

5 star lunges.jpg
Partner & Small Group Training

     Small group training sessions include: up to 6           participants.  Have FUN with friends!

      Please contact Elaine directly for large group              opportunities, including, but not limited to:                  community organizations, corporate events,

       private parties, schools, etc.

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