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Coaching Services

Health Coaching

 Is your team thriving?

 How could YOUR team thrive?

 Does your team need SUPPORT?

 Explore Corporate Coaching services: speaking      engagements, health/wellness/fitness challenges,

opportunities to provide a healthier culture, etc.

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Health Coaching

Have you wondered what those test results mean?

Have you ever wanted to improve your bloodwork numbers, in a more holistic way?
Explore Coaching opportunities to reverse     

disease and to LIVE YOUR healthIEST life!

with lifestyle plans & maintenance plans.

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Nutrition Coaching

Food delivers life force.

 What foods get to enter your body?

 What diet works best for you,

 your life, and your health condition(s)?

Coaching opportunities include, but are not limited to: diet & meal planning, sports nutrition, treating diseases, plant-based nutrition, etc.

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Couple/Family Health Coaching

Do you want a healthier partner?

 Do you want a healthier family?

Explore Coaching opportunities including, but not  limited to: increasing physical activities with your partner/family, planning & eating healthier meals and snacks, improving mood and mindset in your home.

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Life Coaching

What do YOU want?

 Where is YOUR life going?
Where do you WANT to go?
 Who is going with you, on YOUR journey?

Elaine uses active listening skills to identify key questions to help YOU to establish YOUR life path.  Our next step is to establish a plan, including real life steps, in order to help you to

start walking on your ideal life path.


Wellness Coaching

   Have you ever wanted to learn how to meditate?

            Do you want to become more flexible

    (mentally &/or physically), establish a stretching          habit, and/or want to learn how to do Yoga?

   Do you FEEL well?      Every day?      Most days?

    What does wellness mean to YOU?

Establish lifestyle & maintenance plans.

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