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Get Well + Fit w/Elaine Bintz

Improve Your Life

                        My clients needs are my #1 focus!

  I have the best career on the planet!  As a certified Holistic Coach & Personal Trainer since the year 2000, I have thoroughly enjoyed walking with my clients on their journeys of transforming themselves into healthier, fitter, and happier versions of themselves. Let’s Get Happy & Well together!

About Elaine Bintz

As a professional Coach, my passion is to help my clients live a healthier lifestyle. Every MIND and BODY is unique, with your own strengths and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan, using:

1.  Active listening skills, empathy, & compassion

2.  Your health, wellness, fitness & life goals

3.  My 24 years of experience in the Health & Wellness field

4.  My college degrees in Exercise Physiology, Dietetics (Nutrition & Wellness), and Education

5.  My certifications in: Health Coaching, Personal Training, Muscle Activation Techniques, Yoga, & Thai Massage

6.  My licenses in: Massage therapy, & Teaching

7.  And most importantly, based on your real life.  

Together, we collaborate to discover a healthy lifestyle that you enjoy living.

1 step at a time

Feel Better, Move Better, Live Better

Comprehensive Fitness & Health Coaching Program: Get Happy! Get Well! participants: Your unique program we develop together will help you feel better, have more energy, and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises will have you in the shape you want to be in.  Training sessions can be performed in person &/or online.  Fitness sessions may include: cardio, core training, flexibility, strength training, Yoga, and more!

Mind, Body, & Soul Transformation

This program is for seriously committed clients only.  When you are ready to let go of excuses, make positive changes on a consistent basis, and to invest in your health and future, this is the program for YOU!

This program includes: Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Massage therapy, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), Personal Training, Thai massage, Yoga, etc.


Check out this video for more information.

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Life Coaching & Health/Nutrition Coaching

A Healthier You

Health and wellness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside! I will make sure your mind and body find the right balance.  Coaching sessions may include a wide variety of topics.  

Life Coaching sessions may include, but are not limited to: personal development, values alignment, skills acquisition, habit formation, time management, accountability, planning & organization in your personal &/or professional life, career, relationships, financial, grief, divorce, etc.

Health/Nutrition Coaching sessions may include, but are not limited to: behavior & habit formation, behavior & habit modification, exercise programming, food log review, nutrition for a wide variety of medical diagnoses, snack & meal planning, sports nutrition, values alignment, skills acquisition, etc. 

The ultimate goal of coaching sessions is to help the client attain their desired lifestyle by arriving at sustainable, healthy decisions, that align with you attaining your desired life & health-related goals.

As your coach my job is to 100% support you. 

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Your partner to attain YOUR goals!

This program is designed to help you to create a plan of action in order to help you to reach your life &/or wellness goals, and then to help you to develop realistic strategies and steps that you can actually do in your real life. 

As your accountability coach, I commit to reaching out to you every day, 7 days a week (using 1 mutually agreed upon method of communication) to assist you along your journey, to help you stay motivated, and to help you to track your progress towards your life and/or wellness goals. 

An ideal client would choose 1 primary goal to be held accountable for.  This primary goal may (and most likely, will) change and evolve over time.  You, the client, are in the driver seat.  You guide the conversation.

As your coach my job is to 100% support you. 

I will ask you key questions, help you to clarify what is (and isn't working) regarding your progress towards your goal, and follow up with you regarding task completion of steps & strategies we have identified as part of your action plan.

Push Ups

Services I Provide

1.  Coaching sessions: up to 2 hour service, can be performed online, or in person.  Coaching topics may include, but are not limited to: life coaching, progress towards your goal(s), exercise programming, diet planning, meal planning, fitness testing, disease reversal plans, lifestyle planning & maintenance, checking physical form (for: movements, exercises, gait analysis, etc.), planning & organization in your calendar for implementing a healthy lifestyle, how to start eating a plant-based diet, establishing &/0r maintaining a stress management plan, career planning, etc.  This is a low commitment service.  You can meet with me once in your lifetime, once a month, 3 times a year, etc.  Investment: $200/session.   

Currently accepting new & former Coaching clients (updated June 2024).

2. Accountability Coach: A monthly commitment including communication up to 7 days per week with Coach Elaine regarding steps, tasks, and progress to hold you accountable towards reaching your life &/or wellness goals.  Your 1st Coaching session is included in the cost of this program.  Additional Coaching sessions cost $200/session.  Investment: $300/month (average value is $10/day).

    Currently accepting 1 Accountability Coaching client (updated June 2024). 

3.  Comprehensive Fitness & Health Coaching Program: Get Happy! Get Well!  Up to 5 hours of sessions per week, performed in person, or online, or a combination of in person and online sessions.  Program includes customized: life coaching, health coaching, nutrition, workouts, Yoga, massage therapy, Thai massage, Muscle Activation Techniques, and stress management techniques.  Each client may opt into and opt out of any of the services previously listed.  Session durations are collaboratively determined on an individual basis.  Physician's referral NOT required.  INVESTment: $2,000/month.

Currently accepting consultations.  1 current opening. 

Contact Elaine to schedule your free consultation (updated June 2024).

Please check out this video for more information.

4.  Small group (up to 6 participants) in-person or online Mentoring classes the 2nd Saturday of each month from 8:30am-10:30am Central Time Zone.  The purpose of these classes is to help current (or future) coaches, personal trainers, and wellness professionals to develop and to refine their skills set in the wellness industry.  Investment: $100/person/class.

Currently accepting mentoring participants (updated June 2024).

Please contact Elaine today at: 708.845.6201 (call/text), or email: for more information

I would give Elaine 10 stars! Elaine was my personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness in Schaumburg, IL. She was an amazing trainer. Through her training programs, she not only challenged me physically, but she believed in me as a person. Because of her, I felt so much better physically and emotionally. She is a wonderful person inside and out and she is very passionate in what she does as it shows in her interaction with her clients. I believe that she trains her clients holistically, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally which I think is important. If I lived closer, I would definitely train with her again.
Heidi V.

Heidi Vila

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2130 Sherwood Lake Drive

Schererville, IN 46375

(708) 845-6201

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